The Meaning of life: Rosemary Dai Ross

The smell of coffee and a need for a bag of beans brought me into a new coffee shop downtown Seattle. "What do you have in terms of a medium blend?" I ask the barista. He looked like the prince from beauty and the beast. The nose, the long curly hair and a twinkle in his eye. With an air of mystery he leaned over the counter, "The Meaning of Life, might be a good blend for you." "The Meaning of Life is a bold name for a medium blend!" I joke. He leaned in further, "There is a tale that says people who desire to contemplate the meaning of life come to Seattle to sip coffee in the rain." With that, I present a collection of stories, a cup of coffee in the rain.



My Filson Bag

We don't often pause to notice the one that's been with you all along. 



chu chang

A baby on the hip and a language she can hardly speak, Chu finds herself with acres of land to farm with only her hands. Scott grew up in the fields that now yield those incredible bouquets found in Pike Place Market.



a castle, an orchestra, and siblings

As secret as the location of this castle in Washington is the unknown story between super musician siblings. Victoria Parker and Philip Peterson.



LOST and Found

A longing to find a place to call home and a love for the earth drove this duo together on a homestead journey.



MR. desimone

If you ask around long enough you will hear a common thread between vendors in Pike Place Market: "It's a family". This is a story in search of the foundation of that family.



from pins to historic murals

How does one find themselves living in an old firehouse and building a historic mural for Pike Place Market?