Rosemary has been trusted to work with political figures such as President Obama, Madeline Albright, & Dow Constantine. Notables from Seattle Met, Seattle Weekly, PikePlaceMarket, King 5, Q13Fox, Evening Magazine, Movin 92.5, The Voice & One Republic, With published work in Allure, CNN, Styled Right, Nostalgia, Seattle  Met, NWSource, Seattle Mag & Daily Candy.


DaiRoss Studios:

In 2015 Rosemary developed DaiRoss Studios a hub studio for professional photographers to create and conduct business. Providing an ideal hotspot for productions in historic Pioneer Square. Outside of the outstanding talent in our membership we've hosted productions for Seattle Mag., Seattle Met., King 5, Nordstrom, Hand Crank Films, Microsoft, Pyramdie Productions, Frogchildren, and more.











In Production:

NO-HOLDS-BARRED (twelve part podcast with DaiRoss)

Working on a year long project with big minded creatives across the country DaiRoss collaborates with artists creating 12 art portraits for exhibit. Listeners are invited along this adventure to hear what we are talking about and who DaiRoss is working with.

Preview the first Podcast HERE

Think Create Classes/Workshops and Workouts with DaiRoss

Coming FALL/2018

BIG Creations workshop (introductory to concept portraiture)

Shooting Weddings you LOVE (creating a workflow that keeps your creative energy high and your clients in the moment.)

Photography Workouts (watching light and life, tiny worlds (macro still), staging and making.)

The Editorial Headshot

Drop us an email if you want to be notified when classes are available!!  info@daiross.com

About Rosemary

Everything around us is asking us to look a little closer for the storyline. The stage is set with the wherever you are, and the actors are the people or things that interact in those places. Photographers, just like authors, add their own twist on the way they see the world. I would say that  I play with humor and drama simultaneously, as well as the more mysterious sides of beauty. It's the way I navigate the world, so naturally it bleeds into my work.


I've spent over 20 years in professional portrait photography, dedicated to the craft of capturing stories through photojournalism and portraiture. Every story I search for, from nature to “People of Pike Place” or my fine art portraits, give me something to discover. Photojournalism keeps me hunting and looking for stories and characters as they unfold, it is the exercise for concepts work.


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