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Rosemary has been trusted to work with political figures such as President Obama, Madeline Albright, & Dow Constantine. Notables from Seattle Met, Seattle Weekly, PikePlaceMarket, King 5, Q13Fox, Evening Magazine, Movin 92.5, The Voice & One Republic, With published work in Allure, CNN, Styled Right, Nostalgia, Seattle  Met, NWSource, Seattle Mag & Daily Candy.

About Rosemary

With over 20 years of experience in professional portrait photography, Rosemary has worked passionately at capturing the spirit of people through photojournalism and portraiture.  

Rosemary has twits a bit of comedy and drama into her portraiture, but has just added a new twist of nature art into her collection of works.

While Rosemary's primary focus is on fine art, she believes in strong story telling and is currently collaborating with Seattle Weekly/Pike Place Market Foundation on telling "The People of Pike Place Market".  As well as building strong image brands for creative companies.

"Photojournalism keeps me hunting and looking for stories and characters as they unfold, it is the exercise for fine art concepts." Dai Ross

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