Rosemary Dai Ross is a fine art portrait photographer, collaborator, and idea maker. 

With over 15 years of experience in professional portrait photography, Rosemary has worked passionately at capturing the beauty of women in particular and the character of people in compelling works.  Rosemary's work with women combines a modern twist on vintage glamour and personal characters.

"All women, should have an experience looking within and have themselves reflected back as art!  It's a beautiful and honoring experience, and I am humbled to create it." Dai Ross  

Rosemary has a way of telling stories with her characters in her portraits that draw you in.  Her concept sessions invite the subjects to play and create with her.  Rosemary has regularly shown her artwork and personal comedic collections, The Housewife Series, Living Room Lumberjack, The Lady Collection as well as more dramatic shows.  While Rosemary's primary focus is on fine art, she believes in strong story telling and is currently collaborating with Seattle Weekly/Pike Place Market Foundation on telling "The People of Pike Place Market".  

"Photojournalism keeps me hunting and looking for stories and characters as they unfold, it is the exercise for fine art concepts." Dai Ross





89 Yesler Way #204
Seattle, WA 98104


Work Synopsis

Trusted to work with political figures such as President Obama, Madeline Albright, & Dow Constantine. Notables from Seattle Met, Seattle Weekly, PikePlaceMarket, Movin 92.5, The Voice & One Republic, With published work in Allure, CNN, Styled Right, Nostalgia, Seattle  Met, NWSource, Seattle Mag & Daily Candy.


 Her works have been published in Allure, CNN, Styled Right, WTF, Nostalgia, Seattle Met, NWSource, DailyCandy, and Seattle magazine, and more. She has shown her art work in the Seattle area since 2006 in venues such as; Neumos, Ghost Gallery, Sylus Salon, Derby, Q Cafe, Gossamer Collective, and more. Rosemary Dai Ross is proud to support several charities focused on women’s issues along with supporting and mentoring young artists.  Her studio is located in the heart of downtown Seattle.



I've spent over a decade and a half  in the industry of photography.  When I started, I thought if I could say that someday, that would be a bit of a dream.  It is a dream, especially looking back on the things one can make with a camera in all that time, and looking forward to what is still yet to come.  From film to digital… who knows the tools and possibilities.  I've spent years photographing families, children, weddings, women, fine art, editorial pieces, and celebrities, all of which has left me with a full and rich experience.  Art needs collaboration, photographing people gives me that fulfillment. 

Rosemary Dai Ross Photographer