concept photography

The Imagination of Children


As a mother and creative, I’ve come to know in my own life that the imagination or a child or childlike imagination is one of the most important creative resources we have in life. And would argue it’s responsible for the greatest inventions of our lifetime. I spent many years documenting lovely family interactions in beautiful light and stunning locations, but my own imagination was pushing me into a different way of documenting milestones in a child’s life. This by diving into the child’s imagination to create artwork to illustrate the stories they were telling.

I have been photographing Oliver since he was a tiny baby and over the years he’s been telling me different stories about “what if’s” and “could you imagine”. I was watching him run through the fountain one day and as it soaked him I could see the fantasy story unfolding for him. He had transformed into a different world.

I am now booking 2019/2020 concept sessions for children.


NOCCO at King Station

NOCCO at King Station

NOCCO the condcutorless orchestra has been a moving experience for me to document. Yes I do mean that with a pun and also mean it from the place where I am continually moved. Some projects without having particular expertise in prior you can stand in complete awe and pause for something truly remarkable. Everything I do comes from this RAW unfinished perspective. A place where I’m reading the story not from inception and not from a polished ending. I’m interpreting in from between those spaces, the spaces where the imagination, tears, fears and deepest hopes inform the labor and sweat.

NOCCO being condcutorless shows us the between spaces of the power of live connection by performing in the spaces of fine tuned skill and heart.

video by: Cameron Johnson