The Imagination of Children


As a mother and creative, I’ve come to know in my own life that the imagination or a child or childlike imagination is one of the most important creative resources we have in life. And would argue it’s responsible for the greatest inventions of our lifetime. I spent many years documenting lovely family interactions in beautiful light and stunning locations, but my own imagination was pushing me into a different way of documenting milestones in a child’s life. This by diving into the child’s imagination to create artwork to illustrate the stories they were telling.

I have been photographing Oliver since he was a tiny baby and over the years he’s been telling me different stories about “what if’s” and “could you imagine”. I was watching him run through the fountain one day and as it soaked him I could see the fantasy story unfolding for him. He had transformed into a different world.

I am now booking 2019/2020 concept sessions for children.